International connections – GÉANT

nternational connections for the ARNES network are enabled by the GÉANT network under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project involves all European education and research networks. The European Commission covers half of the cost of the project. Within the project, optical fibres between countries have been leased in Western and Central Europe, and a DWDM system established that provides each education and research network with at least two 10-gigabit connections. In addition to high-quality IPv4 and IPv6 connections to other networks, it is also possible to establish 1-, 2.5- and 10-gigabit channels for individual projects within the European education and research network.

GÉANT Network

The GÉANT network connects education and research networks in 34 European countries, and is connected to similar networks in other regions and continents. Frequently asked questions concerning the GÉANT network. You can also see an interactive map of the GÉANT network and its worldwide connections.

In North America, the GÉANT network is connected to the following research networks:

Some examples of GÉANT links to similar networks in other regions and continents:


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