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7th Slo IPv6 summit & ISOC ION meeting

Friday, 06. 07. 2012

When: 18 and 19 October 2012
: Ljubljana Brdo Technology Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia
ARNES, LTFE and Go6 Institute
Aimed at: everyone interested in IPv6 and/or anyone facing the transition to IPv6 in the near future

The Slovenian IPv6 summit is the main Slovenian and regional event intended to provide updates on the progress, achievements and exchange of good practice in the transition to IPv6, and the adoption of the protocol in business environments and organisations.

All previous meetings have generated great interest among the professional public, as shown by the high level of participation and the considerable praise received. We aim to build on our successful tradition through this event, combining high-tech talks given by world-leading international experts on current challenges and solutions, professional education and a practical workshop on “L2 IPv6 security”.

The central theme of the seventh IPv6 summit will be adopting IPv6 in enterprise environments, which compared to other industries have fallen behind in planning for and adopting IPv6 in their networks.

The event will be held over two days and will be combined with the ISOC ION meeting, to be held in the morning of 19 October.


The event will be divided into three sessions:

We are proud once again to announce a world-class lineup of international speakers. Experts from world-leading companies and organisations such as Checkpoint, ISOC, Yahoo!, 6connect, Comcast and Cisco Systems will present their knowledge and experience of IPv6.

The keynote speaker will be Robert Hinden (Checkpoint fellow), who together with Steve Deering designed the architecture of the IPv6 protocol (in standard RFC 1883, which was later replaced by standard RFC 2460).

We can proudly say that we’ll have one of the fathers of the IPv6 protocol as guest at our IPv6 summit.


More information you can find on Go6 web page.

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