ARNES - povezujemo znanje EN


  • Arnes provides advanced web and network services to eligible organisations and web hosting, electronic mail and dialup Internet access to individuals.


  • Optical fibre connections

    Optical fibre technology allows data transfers at the highest speeds and with high reliability.

  • Eduroam

    Open your laptop and be online - secure roaming access for users from research and education community.

  • ArnesAAI

    ARNES infrastructure for universal network authentication with federated identity.

  • SIX

    SIX is a peering infrastructure for the local exchange of IPv4 and/or IPv6 traffic among the Internet service (ISPs) and content providers.


    SI-CERT (Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team) coordinates responding to Internet security incidents.


    Information on registration and renewal of .si domain names, registrars, disputes, statistical and other data on .si domain names.

ARNES, p.p. 7, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija

T +386 1 479 88 77, F +386 1 479 88 78

E arnes(at)